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Produce and Delivery a simple PR video with low budget

We offer a wide range of video services with reasonable cost including news videos, video releases, company introduction, recruitement and etc.

Strength of the Vector Video Promotion

Simple, Cheap, Fast
Produce simple with low budget and short production period

Making the content of press release or event into video format. We produce simple video with length of 1-2 minutes and message focused on what you want to convey within short production period. We disribute information in a timely manner in line with topicalization at the time of news announcement.

Deliver Directly
Delivery information directly to target audience

Deliver information of news efficiently to the target with video format. The platform for video distribution can be selected from social media and online media according to the target audience.

Various Genre of Video
Possible to create various genre of PR video

We can produce not only news videos but also company introduction videos, reqruitment videos and etc. We can even deliver an information with small news value which is difficult to distribute through media or influencers, directly to your target audience by making it into video format that makes visually easy to understand the points you want to inform.

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