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Japan's largest marketing PR agency

Vector Indonesia is an affiliate of one of the largest independent markting PR communication firm of Japan. It operates the various marketing communication services such as media relation, media planning and monitoring, social media maintenance, influencer arrangement, digital marketing campaign, video marketing and event arrangement by experienced staffs both in planning and operation.


Contributing to the society with an equal opportunity by delivering information to everyone in Indonesia. We believe that delivering information to spread news of services and products is the same as providing an variety of choices to people. We strive to contribute to company or govenment in Indonesia, and even for Indonesian society by being the bridge between consumer and our client to make the news to reach to the right target.

Core Services

Strategy Consulting, Media Relation

Online campaign / Social Media
KOL and Influencers

Development and distribution
for News Video and Brand Video

Event for inbound and test marketing

Vector Indonesia Management

Nobu Kato
Imbang Putra
Account Director
Samuel Godfried
Media Director
Account Manager
Suryani Sitanggang
Account Manager
Reza Ahmad Muhammad
Event PR Manager
Loria Arta Uli
Finance & GA Manager

Company Profile

  • Company
  • PT. Vector ( Vector Indonesia )
  • Address
  • Mid Plaza 2, 24th floor,
    Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 10-11
    Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
  • Phone Number
  • +62 21 5735 976