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Ceremony Handling and Media Relation

2015 – On Going

Introduce the product’s uniqueness and progress of the development to the potential customer by utilizing the milestone moment of the construction.

What We Did
– Milestone Event in the Projects Development
Handled the ceremony of the events below and invite local top media and property media to the ceremony to gain news coverages.
– Product Launch
– Ground breaking
– Soft Launch
– Topping Off
– Tower Opening
– Completion & Handover
and etc.

Agent / Customer Gathering
Hold gatherings to explain the product’s uniqueness and special offer to property agent or consumer.
Also, utilize the gathering as the opportunity to motivate agency to sell more units by having an special gimmick such as lucky draw at the event.

Media Inquiry
Handle the inquiry and set the opportunity for media to gain more in depth information such as interview for the management/project manager, visiting the marketing gallery/show unit and etc.

Constantly gained media coverages approx. 40-50 coverages per ceremony.

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