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Ready to Drink Tea

Campaign Launch and Retainer PR Service

January 2017 – December 2017

Educate the brand identity of Ichitan as a corporate and products (ready to drink tea) by gain a wide news coverage at the launching and maintain the presence in media afterwards.

What We Did
– Campaign Launching Phase
1. Press conference
2. Influencer Gathering
3. VLOG coverage with Youtubers

– Maintenance Phase
1. Roadshow:
Interview with the winner of the campaign on TV to tell the story of the winners and gain credibility of the product and campaign

2. TV Placement on Talkshow Program:
Invite company spokesperson, brand ambassador and the winner of the campaign to talkshow program. Allow the audience to understand more about the brand.

3. Event Activation:
Sampling at the outdoor event

4. Radio Placement on Live report program:
Insert the brand’s talkshow on top tier radio program

5. Monthly press release distribution & top interview

1. Gained total 110 media coverages at the press conference.
2. Gained more than 200 media coverages during the roadshow. Approached 150 journalists in 20 cities in Indonesia.
3. Create the buzz in the launching phase and succeed to build the credibility for the campaign and the brand

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