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Influencer arrangement  that makes full use of content planning know-how and digital and video marketing

We arrange influencers, planning and managing official social media account, digital campaign, digital advertisement arrangement services that make the most of our content planning skills cultivated through strategic PR know-how.

Strength of the Vector Digital Marketing

Influencer Network
A wide network with top influencers!

Wide network to arrange celebrity, top influencers and micro influencers that matched with your product/service categories.
Collaborate with influencers who are experts in the newest trend to distribute information that is suitable for potential customer's interests.

Influencer Event
Planning and management of events using influencers!

Carry out event with influencers tailored to the target from the planning, operation and evaluation of the event.
Influencer share his/her opinion on the product/service by experincing it at the event not only to the participants at offline event but also to their followers via online platforms.

Online Promotion
Utilize online platform to deliver the new of event further

Utilize the oppurtunity of event to create article or movie to deliver the messages further.
In addition to influencers' platforms such as blogs and social media, we can distribute a information beyond the visitors at the event by producing event video, published articles on the mass media inviting reporters to events and etc.

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