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Event + Promotion by Media and Video

We manage small to large-scale events including company press conference influencer events, symposiums, government seminar events, overall exhibition, expo booth support, business matching seminar, consumer event at shopping mall and etc. We also provide video promotion from your event.

Strength of the Vector Inbound PR / Event Promotion

Professional Team
Experienced event planning and management team

Planning and operation by a team that has held numerous events, such as corporate conference and symposium seminars for government and local governments.
We develop and propose a concept for event that matches with the objective and target audience, then develop event content, decoration and conduct operation according to the event concept.

Promoting Event
Supporting promotion to attract customers for events

We select the optimum platform from SNS, media, offline advertisement etc. according to target and scale of the event. We support promoting the event to attracting audience to participate in the event.
In addition to promoting B to C events, it is possible to support guest relation for B to B events such as business matching by utilizing our database.

Delivering News
of the Event
Information diffusion of implementation event information

Utilize the oppurtunity of event to create article or movie to deliver the messages further.
We can distribute a information beyond the visitors at the event by producing event video and delivering it via platform that is suitable for the target such as social media and online media.

Event Promotion Case Study

Polystyrene Educational PR
Client  :   Trinseo Materials Indonesia

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