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Strategic Marketing PR  by Professional of Delivering Information

We provide marketing one stop solutions for the purpose of expanding the recognition and deepening of understanding of companies and organizations. Our services include PR strategy development, key message development, content planning, relationship development and information dissemination with local media, digital campaign implementation, PR event management, video promotion, talent castering and etc. in Indonesia.

  • Press release development, distribution, media monitoring
  • Press Conference / Media Gathering Planning and Management
  • Corporate seminars, conference event planning and management
  • Arranging and casting influencers
  • SNS account management , Online campaign planning and management
  • Video promotion

Strength of the Vector Strategic Marketing

Media Relation
Distributing information through media

Acquising news articles with relaiable contents from third party perspective and reasonable budget by utlizing PR perspectives! We provide services that is efficient in cost such as press release development and distribution, approaching media to publish articles, media visit to introduce services, press conference, media invitation to events, TV program arrangement and etc.

Media Network
Extensive media network

PR for local area throughout Indonesia including regional cities is possible!
We have established relationships with the media in more than 25 cities in Indonesia, and we can conduct public relations and marketing activities not only in big cities but also in local cities.

Risk Management
Risk management support

We support risk management, and monitor corporate image of yours and your competitors'!
We conduct media and SNS monitoring, support service for correspondence in case of crisis, media training for your executives by utilizing PR professional know-how.

Strategic Marketing Case Study

Building Credibility for University
Client  :   Swiss German University
Ready to Drink Tea
Client  :   Ichi Tan Indonesia
Japanese Luxury Resorts
Client  :   Luxury Resort
Instant Camera
Client  :   Camera Maker

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